My new goal

  1. So I was browsing through the Documenting Balenciaga Colors section and drooling over all the beautiful bags when I saw it: The most beautiful colored bag and I must have it!!:yahoo::nuts:

    I am speaking of the 2003 Blue w/silver hardware. I didn't think anything could out do Cornflower Blue or 2004 Turqoise.:happydance::happydance:

    I hope they bring back silver hardware, it's gorgeous :love:
  2. ^yes I totally agree! Saw a first with silver hardware and there was no turning's just the perfect combination with the color. I hope they bring it back as well *eyes closed, fingers crossed*
  3. I prefer the silver hardware as well and would be so happy if they brought it back.

    I was very lucky to get a 2003 blue first from the lovely Mimz, the color is indeed gorgeous!
  4. ^that was the one I saw! You are so lucky. That was one stunning bag!
  5. Ohhhh!!! ***ENVY***
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