My New Glasses! Tell me what you think :)

  1. Heya! Sorry i havn't really been posting as much as usual, holidays have been keeping me busy..

    Today i got a new pair of glasses to wear when i'm feeling *ultra* quirky.. Opinions? I'll only be wearing them with my hair down otherwise they are too overpowering.. I wanted something fun, different, and kind of futuristic :O)

    At first i was in love with this clear Dolce & Gabbana pair but decided it didn't look that great with my hair colour and the shape was a bit off.. also, i have very high cheekbones and when i smiled my cheeks were hitting them.

    Here they are though..


    and this is the pair i decided on! They are Prada and are a dark grey but are very uniquely textured!



    and these are my normal everyday glasses (Ferragamo)-


    newglasses.JPG newglasses2.JPG otherglasses.JPG
  2. Ooh I like both the Pradas and the Ferragamos! I just got new glasses too and mine kind of look like your Pradas. I am liking the thicker frame look. Do you wear glasses every day?
  3. ^^ thank you! would love to see your new glasses! and yes, i wear glasses everyday.. i tried contacts briefly but was having a really hardtime putting them in.. plus, i really *love* glasses, heh :smile:
  4. also, your bunny is adorabbllleee!
  5. I like the texture of the glasses. They look nice! :tup:
  6. Love them.
  7. the dark prada's look really cute. those dolce gabanna...idk, looks like your about to go to do a lab experiment. lol
  8. I love last one (kind of cat eye with rhinestones)! Gorgeous on your face, very flirty.

    The other two remind me of lab goggles and nerds. :p But I mean, if you are into boys who are obtaining their PhD in molecular engineering then perfect!
  9. I love them all! I need glasses soo bad! You just inspired me! Thanks!
  10. Hey girl!! I've been awol too so I've got a lot of catch up reading to do.

    Honestly, my first thought is the new specs are a bit heavy and dark for your face. You have such delicate features... almost faerie-like. I think I know the look you are going for though and it could be super cute to juxtapose a heavy frame with your pixie face.

    Or it might be that I'm just too used to seeing you with the old specs. Either way you're so cute you could wear 3-D glasses and still look like a rockstar!
  11. I love the new ones, myself! The Ferragamos are adorable and go with your quirky, playful sense of style, but the Prada ones look more grown up and 'fashionista'--very sophisticated and strong. Good to have for your more serious and 'diva' moods! :yahoo:
  12. I like all the pairs! You look so cute in each one of them!
  13. Love the Prada! Looks FABULOUS on you!
  14. hahaha Thanks everyone! 'lab' and 'nerd' glasses in a high fashion way is basically what i was going for, hahaha. I only plan on wearing them a couple times a month and always with my hair down and huge tall shoes like these i just bought yesterday-


    and then top it off with a flowery, weird sundress

    ^^ like that!

    They will be my alter ego glasses!
  15. I love that Prada and Ferragamo! You're so cute!