My new Givenchy addition !!

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  1. My new Antigona Medium in black Pebbled Calf with Gunmetal hardware

    Love it !

    Would love to hear from owners with the same leather of this Antigona as well. How's the bag holding up for you :smile:

  2. image.jpg
  3. #4 Apr 3, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2014
    Wow, what a rare find. The texture is so chic and elegant while the gunmetal hw gives it that total EDGE!

    Magnificent!!!! Congratulations!
  4. Hi

    Thank you.. You are absolutely right that its a rare find.. From what I understand from the SA, she said that only one Antigona in this leather is brought in. It was not displayed but kept in the store.

    I can't wait to bring her out for a run :smile:
  5. Congrats!
  6. Just gorgeous.
    I always say I prefer gold, but the gunmetal with this leather looks perfect!
    I love it!
  7. What size is this? Love
  8. Great bag! That pebbled leather is something!
  9. Love this bag! The texture is perfect :smile:
    Thanks for sharing
  10. Fancy nancy... It's a Medium
  11. The small and medium are both very nice.. Depending on how you want to look and feel with each bag. I'm not very tall - 5"2 and both bags suits me. The small gives me a feel of girly and feminine whereas the medium gives me a feel of chic, elegant and yet cool and edgy.. Especially with the pebbled and gunmetal hardware. Hope it make sense :smile:
  12. Gorgeous Ant!!! I love the gun metal hardware too congrats for such rare find.

    If I to get my own ant i prefer pebble leather too I like the texture when touching it.
  13. Very nice :drool::love: Congrats!!
  14. Gorgeous! Congrats!!