my new giuseppe zanottis! keep or return? :)

  1. okay so i got these giuseppe zanotti's for an AMAZING price and they are pretty damn comfortable for the heel height and plus, i dont have a pair of black pumps.. but i asked my friend if they looked like i was about to walk the streets in them and she said.. they looked kinda vampy! hahaha. im afraid the patent straps may be too much. so what do you ladies think? are these keepers?


  2. Absolutely those are keepers!!! They are really beautiful!!
  3. cute keep them
  4. Oh my! Those are gorgeous! DEFINITELY keepers!
  5. Keepers.
  6. I like them-
  7. Keepers! Wish I found those at an amazing price. And patent is so hot right now, I wouldn't call it vampy
  8. I really like them. Keepers for sure!
  9. No doubt about it! Keep them!
  10. very sexy. you gotta keep 'em.
  11. I vote keep :yahoo: totally gorge.
  12. those are so hot!!
    Its a plus that you got them at an amazing plus!
    Trust me, its not always best to listen to your friends comments....they are ususally wrong. Everyone has their own taste! Recently I went shopping with my best friend...i was dying to get the Tory Burch Bamboo flats...i got totally lucky..found my size & bought them. The ENTIRE time shopping she kept saying i should return them because she does not like them. NOW...guess who wants a pair of Tory Burch flats?? lol
    So....listen to your own instincts. KEEP the shoes lol :smile:
  14. Please keep them! As long as you like them, there's no reason to give them away.
  15. I don't see anything wrong with patent straps, but those pointy toes would kill me.