My New Gigi accessory! HA!

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  1. :heart::heart:Just wanted to brighten ya'lls day, I know it brightened mine!!:heart::heart:

  2. OMG, so adorable!!! :smile:
  3. haha he's so cute!!
  4. awwww so cute! :tender:
  5. OMG! She is just too cute! :yes:
    Thanks for sharing.
  6. That's awesome! So adorable!
  7. OMG,, where can i buy one... lol,, too cute!
  8. Ohhhhhh that is just too perfect! I'm ordering one from JAX immediately. :P
  9. Too cute :tender:...but I already own two of these *accessories* and they are now 11 and 12 and giving me way more grief than an accessory should, lol!
    Wish they were still babies...sigh...
  10. Awwwww thats tooo cute!
  11. Ok...I LOVE my Gigi too but seriously now....when a child can fit in your bag, do you wonder if the bag is just too large? LOL!!!
    I love the color of it! I think you may have to hand it over to me and make sure you include that accessory! :P VERY CUTE!!!!
    Why do I have this feeling that in 16 years or so she'll be posting on TPF too? She can always show people that photo later in life to prove you were the reason for her addiction. --they always blame the parents.:rolleyes:
  12. aww, so adorable! You just gave me an idea for my photography :idea::whistle:
  13. hehe, thanks everyone!
  14. Awwww........ you should keep her. She goes with the bag! :graucho:
  15. That's what I call, "customizing your COACH"!:tup: