**My New Giant Mini Money Wallet**

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  1. Yes it comes in RH. They had it there too, only 2 colors at the moment. I only saw it in black.
    Jira- I don't think BAL is the only one to carry because I saw it on Matches website and you could buy it from them. But I am really not sure.

    Vink-you sure can! They had more at BAL London.

    Thanks chichi143, sl57, strife00, sweetlust, purpleenvy20, Jira, vink and jelts! :smile:
  2. Congratulations, ejsc55! :heart: the green.

  3. I love it! This forum is so bad for me, now I want one too!
  4. the new giant mini money wallet looks really cute!!!
    i am pretty sure that i would love it in a bright fun color!
  5. Thanks for all the pics!!! I've been waiting for you to get this, and have been so keen to see what it's really like and what it holds :smile:
  6. I love all of your B wallets~And please tell me the style name of third wallet in this picture[​IMG]
  7. I really love the size. Thank you for posting the size comparison.
  8. I really like this new style, it's very practical and super cute! Also, love your VT! :graucho:
  9. I love it, the size seems ideal for me since I'm a small wallet person. Your looks adorable in anthra sgh. Congrats and thank you for sharing :tup:
  10. I love your mini money! great size.and it comes in RH.
    I need to get myself one of these.
    thanks for all those lovely pics
  11. LittleDragon- thanks!, discovering this forum was bad for me! :smile:
    meganka- thank you and yes I want one in a bright color too! I am thinking sorbet or one of next seasons blues.
    MichK- Thank you too! :smile:
    RUIRUIWINTER- I believe the last and smallest wallet is called a real coin wallet.

    Thank you, pinkboudoir, kobe939, Alice1979, pianoblue!!
  12. I love it. I have on the hunt for a new wallet for the past few weeks. I may need to hunt one down :graucho:
  13. i love your new mini money wallet! Thanks for sharing the comparison pics =) Congrats!
  14. Super cute! I love it!!!!! Love anthra....
  15. WoW gorgeous !! Congrats !!