**My New Giant Mini Money Wallet**

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  1. Beautiful wallet, looks like it is a good size too. Congrats!!
  2. Oh my GOSH.. what a perfect SIZE!!!! LOVE IT! Congrats =)
  3. so cuteeee:nuts: i want one too!!! thanks for the pictures
  4. Thanks so much for this thread, and for the comparison pics!
    I LOVE that mini-money!
    Is the green wallet the portefeuille?
    I used to have one in Sanguine, but I actually just wanted to use it as a change purse, for reciepts and coins, and it didn't work for me.
    That is why I am so interested in this one, it looks perfect for small change, some bills, and receipts, doesn't it?
  5. Thanks Scooterella, Virgo, Oogiewoogie, Chloeglamour & Pilatesworks!

    The VT is a Mini Compagnon, and I liked it but it wouldn't hold a lot of change and it didn't fit into my jacket pocket. This one holds more change and fits into my pocket. There also seems to be enough room for cash and receipts!

    I really like this style, it's what I have been wanting!
  6. Cute wallet!
  7. thanks for posting your pics, I love it!!:smile:
  8. very nice
  9. I am in looove with the mini money, CONGRATS! I wonder if it comes in RH too
  10. So you got the wallet! Anthra this season is so gorgeous!! Congrats! :yahoo: Now I want one too :graucho: Sometimes the Giant Money is really a tad too long, this seems Perfect!
  11. very nice
  12. Good question! Does it come in RH ?!
  13. Super cute! I love the comparison pictures -- you have great wallets! Is this currently only available at Bal retail stores? I'd love to see one in person!
  14. Thanks for posting all these comparison pix. Can I now be your wallet sister? ;)
  15. This Mini Wallet is indeed very useful and comes in this wonderful size! I'm into anything truly Mini and this is it! It looks very hardy too!

    Congratulations on your purchase! It looks very useful and very cute. Thanks for sharing!