My New GH Brief!

  1. jpG_0001.jpg

    This is my first BBag. I hope you like it as much as I do!!! I bought a beige (oatmeal?) ciy and I just didn't feel right with it. I returned it to Holt's in Toronto and the SA helped me pick this one. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I love it:heart::heart::heart: The leather is beautiful and the hardware so shiny. I have wanted a BBag for two years now and this is a great start.
  2. Great choice. I zoomed in on your pic and that leather looks nice. I really like the GH.
  3. Thank you so much. I am sorry for the picture. I am just learning how to use the digital camera and how to send pictures. Now I want.........:idea:
  4. wow :nuts: congrats!!! enjoy your bag ..:heart:
  5. sarah, first and foremost, welcome to the bbag forum! Let the addiction begin. :graucho:

    Your bbag is a wonderful rich color. Great choice and wear her in good health!
  6. oo, pretty! I love the brief.
  7. Congrats :yahoo:and welcome Balenciaga heaven.:graucho:
  8. Really beautiful!!! Enjoy it and Congrats!!!!
  9. yummy yummy! it's a gorgeous bag! congrats!
  10. STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!:love: Great choice!!!:heart: Use it well!!!!!!!!:smile:
  11. I adore the brief with GH!! Soo pretty! Not as pretty as your pug though! xx
  12. I love the brief w/ gh! This bag needs way more attention, someone who is more techno, will you please blow up her pic? CONGRATULATIONS! No we need a modeling pic!:woohoo:
  13. Congratualtions! It's beautiful!!!:heart:
  14. very nice. congrats!
  15. Great choice for a first bag. Congrats!