My New Gerard Darel is finally here!!

  1. gdbag3.JPG


    gdbag1.JPG I know Darelgirl and Bjara have just recently posted pics of their new GD bags as well, but I needed to share mine, too! :nuts: Here it is, much bigger than I thought and the leather is gorgeous. I tried to take a pic while holding it so you could get a sense of the size. (Note to self: Get a lighter digital camera!) It fits easily over the shoulder (and I have on a jacket) and it is surprisingly light. I also tried to get a clear picture of the color.

    I can't believe how much I love this bag!!
  2. Jaw drops... It is beyond gorgeous glily! Congrats! :smile:
  3. It looks like a different color from Bjara and Darelgirl's... Is the color like that IRL? The brown is so rich and beautiful.
  4. So pretty! What color is that? It's gorgeous!
  5. gdbag4.JPG Here is a better picture of the true color - the flash on my camera seemed to make the leather look brighter than it is IRL. The color on the tag says "dkbrwn".
  6. May I ask how much it was glily? I'm trying to be thrifty lately, but this looks very *tempting* :amuse:
  7. It's beautiful. The leather is not as dark as the paddy choco, more of a milk choco. Simply Smashing, glily!
  8. Congrats Glily! It looks fabulous on you.
  9. Gorgeous
  10. Thanks everyone! I ordered it from BG and it was $475.00 + shipping. Greenie's descrip of the color is right on - like a candy bar!
  11. Very nice :smile:
  12. glily, beautiful! now me definitely wants!!!!! congrats!
  13. Wow!
  14. Thanks, again. I really think I will get a lot of use out of this bag.
  15. It's beautiful. I have 3 Gerard Darel's on the way - but I may need to add one with chains to my list! Does it come in any other colors? I loved the one in the ad made of patent leather - i'd love to get that one!