My 'new' gems! '01 le dix, '03 caramel city, '04 seafoam city!!!!!

  1. Yay! They finally arrived, and I have finally had the time to take photo's! I am just so ecstatic, I love them all so much.........

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    I found the dream bags I have been searching for foreeeeeever!!!!!!!!

    Honestly, I can not even tell you how lucky I am, and how appreciative I am - these bags are simply beautiful, and I am just so excited to rock them!

    it's very image heavy, so please wait for them to load! I promise you will not be disappointed.....!!!!!

    First.... the one I have been waiting for, for years........ FINALLY is mine!

    2001 First Season Balenciaga Black Le Dix
    what can I say? This bag is a work of ART! It's incredible - the details, the leather (which is soo buttery with the most natural vintage distressing). Everything about it is just perfection. AND I FINALLY FOUND MY FLAT BRASS! It can't get any better than this!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. ...and next

    2004 S/S Seafoam City
    Thanks to the most wonderful lady, I was FINALLY able to get my hands on another dream -- the seafoam city. It is everything I ever imagined and more, this color is truly one of the best - the natural color is so incredible with the silver hardware and the vintage distressed leather, and so perfect for me in the city size -- it is honestly a 'match made in heaven'!!!!!! One of my favorites! :love:

  3. ...and last but not least.....

    2003 Spring/Summer City (this was the first season the city was made, thanks dude!) The leather on this bag is INCREDIBLE, it is SO thick, so wrinkly, so vintage and distressed - it is just amazing. So perfectly broken in, and the color is so deep and rich.... I am in love!!!!!

  4. wow, some truly amazing finds! congratulations on getting such cool collector's pieces!
  5. OMG Mimi those are absolutely beautiful bags!! I don't know which one I like the best, they are all breath-taking!! Congrats and enjoy them!!:P :love:
  6. I'm so SO happy that caramel and first are in YOUR posession!!
  7. congrats! so nice to see the different variations (hardware, leather). thanks for posting. they are all amazing.
  8. The condition of all these bags are just amazing...the leather are all so yummy.:love: So happy for you mimi...let see more pictures of you wearing them. ;)
  9. good lord!! i dont know what to say. one is more stunning than the next, and so perfectly fit your style! i love them! congrats!

    its a great day!!!

    you have amazing sources!!!
  10. Wow, love that caramel city!!!
  11. Wow~ Mimi
    I AM IN LOVE with your bags. They are in great condition... especially the seafoam. Don't ever sell them. You'll have seller's remorse.. like me
    I miss my caramel 03 classic:cry:
  12. ahhhh thank you, you guys!!!!!!! I don't know even what to say - I'm a little overwhelmed :lol: - but it's a good feeling! ;)

    max, so funny - I had originally planned on selling the caramel, but just can't part with it - it's way too amazing! ...and then of course, FINALLY the flat brass - I would NEVER in a million years part with this.... and then the seafoam.... - this is really one of my favorite colors, it's so natural and authentic.... it's so perfect.
  13. Your bags are absolutely gorgeous!! I am drooling!! Congrats!
  14. your bags rock, girl! you know i actually bought the 04 turq city when it came out and returned it bc i had 04 blue denim leather color city and thought i was being too frivilous....and now..........shoot me!
  15. KIMI! thank you!!!!! I'm going to take some photo's of them on hopefully next week..... stay tuned! ;) :heart: