My new GD shoes !!!

  1. Hi girls!!!

    I got these in a GD store in Paris:love:

    What do you think??
    GDshoe1.jpg GDshoe2.jpg schoes1.jpg shoe2.jpg
  2. ehi, you are adding a lot of pieces to your GD collection!!!!
    i have the same ballerina, except mine are in a golden beige, the are so pretty and versatile, and very very comfy!!:excl:
    i like the other pair very much too...haven't seen in rome...cute!:lol:

    so, are you back from Paris?!how was it?how about the GD shop?!:shame:
  3. Love the flats...simple, but very stylish!
  4. Yes, i am back from paris :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I went to many GD stores and of course to the one with my lovely SA:amuse: It was like heaven there for me!!!!

    I bought bags and shoes! I will post the pics in the forum in a bit!!!!!
  5. they are so nice.
  6. wow!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  7. the thing that left me speechless is how the quality of the shoes is high, compared to their price....the ballerinas are definitely inexpensive, but they are so pretty....:heart::love:
  8. i haven't worn them until now! The price was great!!!
  9. Love them!!!
  10. Nice! The ballerinas are pretty, and I love the wedges!
  11. they are fabulous!!

    I am really getting into GD at the moment. I lvoe those fabulous tailored jeans for hte spring collection! inspired! I don't have a 'jeans body' but these will look fabulous on me! can't wait to get my hands on a pair!

    Fabulous shoes! just divine!
  12. Great purchases, dg!!! But I've already told you that...:winkiss:
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