My new Gallery Tote!

  1. I hit the Coach store yesterday with the goal of getting a mid-sized tote bag. It needed to be big enough to carry stuff for school but also small enough to use as an everyday bag. I wanted either dark brown leather or brown/khaki signature, and I wanted something that would fit over my shoulder. I'll give all the details of everything I tried in case anyone else is in the market for something similar and doesn't have access to a store to try everything out.

    I don't carry a lot for school but need to fit my dayplanner, a magazine, small lunch, wallet or wristlet, phone, keys, small umbrella, and a little makeup case. For everyday, I need to fit a wallet, phone, makeup case, keys, small waterbottle, diaper and small baggy of wipes, a few toddler snacks, and maybe a couple of small toys.

    When I walked into the store and saw the Signature Gallery Tote in brass/brown, it was love at first sight! It was big enough to hold all my stuff but didn't look or feel big. The dark brown C print on dark brown background is subtle, and the suede trim is such a dark brown that it shouldn't show dirt badly. The suede covers the bottom of the bag but there are little metal feet to protect it. The bag has three outside pockets - a slip pocket on the front and two smaller pockets on the ends with turnlock closures. The side pockets are fairly small - I can just fit my lip glosses in one or a small set of keys. Small sunglasses fit okay but larger ones probably wouldn't. Inside, it has a large zip pocket on one side and two slip pockets on the other. It has a zippered closure on top - the kind that doesn't cover the whole bag and can be undone so that the bag opens up fully on top, if you know what I mean (see the middle pic). Because of the way it opens on top, it can hold a textbook or other big stuff with no problem and it's very expandable.

    Even though I loved this bag, I thought I should check out all the others that I'd come to look at. I tried out the leather and signature versions of the Hamptons Medium Carry-all, Large Carry-all, and Book Tote, and the leather and signature versions of the Shoulder Tote. I unpacked the tissue from each of them, filled them with my stuff, and took a spin around the store. I felt like Goldilocks - the Medium Carry-all was too small, the Large Carry-all was a bit too big for everyday, the Book Tote was the right size but in leather it was very heavy. Also, none of these three had an outside pocket. The Book Tote in Signature would have been okay but I decided that I didn't like the khaki/chestnut on me - it was a bit too busy for the size of the bag and the size of me (I'm 5'5").

    On to the Shoulder Totes...these were the right size (they held a ton) but when I saw them on my shoulder, I didn't like them anymore. They were just too boxy and not slouchy enough, even filled with all my stuff. On me they ended up looking like a big dark blob.

    Anyway, after all of that, I knew that the Gallery Tote was the one. I absolutely love love love it. Here are the pictures:

    Coach bag.jpg Gallery tote 1.jpg Gallery tote with stuff.jpg Gallery tote on shoulder.jpg Gallery tote in hand.jpg
  2. I love it! And the keychain is so cute.
  3. I loooove the dark brown! So cute! Great choice!
  4. that's just gorgeous!! and the keychain worked great! :yes:

    how much was the tote?
  5. Thanks everyone! I love the owl keychain, too. My three-year-old picked it out at the store a few months ago and I was happy to see how well it goes on the gallery tote.

    Twisted - the bag was $350 CDN and is listed as US$298 on
  6. cute! and congrats! looks like good taste runs in the family!!
  7. Wow, what a beautiful bag. and the owl is the perfect touch!!!
  8. That bag is gorgeous! My husband is getting nervous because I'm drooling over your pictures. :love:
  9. Today I was browsing in the Coach store and I ended up purchasing the exact same purse. It's gorgeous and I love the rich brown colour. The size is perfect for everyday wear.
  10. Congrats - it's beautiful! And it appears as though good taste runs in the family - I love the penguin too!

  11. I love that brown. I saw a lot of chocolate at Coach today and it is just stunning. Such a warm color!
  12. Love the bag it looks great on you. LOL I love the new shopping bag too. Congrats!
  13. I love the bag with the keychain on it.
  14. gorgeous! i love it!
  15. I love the Gallery Tote and I love the brown! Work it!