My new FW 05 Taupe Stam

  1. Last week, had a FW 05 Taupe Stam in stock. I took a chance, and ordered it. Well, it came, and it looks like it was never used - there's still plastic on the chain handle! No loose stitches and the suede interior is perfect. The only defect is a few nicks in the leather on the frame and a small scratch on one of side of the kisslock. I can't get over how fabulous the icy leather is: smooshy, soft, and still scratchproof. I guess I must of had some amazing bag karma to get this kind of return, huh?
    MJ stam taupe 1.jpg MJ stam taupe 2.jpg
  2. Ok I am sick to my stomach *jealous* over this lol!!! The bag gods ARE DEFINITELY smiling down on you. It's amazingly beautiful. Congratulations on your find!
  3. Wow! Congrats on the marc purchase! The bag is lovely most definitely! And the color is fabulous!:heart:
  4. Fabulous color! Congrats!
  5. Love this bag - of course I am partial because I have the same one. I love the 05 Stams and this is a great color. Congrats on the great find.
  6. HA!! I love it!!!
    I have an 05 as well and I ADORE the icy leather!! Definetely my fav!!

    Congrats!! Amazing story too!!
  7. Congrats! It's beautiful!
  8. Congrats! What a great looking bag!
  9. OMG Greendrv it is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm drooling just looking at it. I love the slouchiness of the 05 Stams and the suede lining:love:. Wear it in good health.
  10. Beautiful! Did you test to make sure that the bag doesn't pop open when being carried by the chain on the shoulder? If not, yep, you got lucky!

    The bag is a beauty!
  11. That taupe is a very nice color. I wish that I can find a fall 05 stam. I really like the icey leather. You are so lucky! Is the taupe more of a light brown?
  12. Glimmer: Yup, super lucky! It doesn't pop open when I carry it by the chain on my shoulder - although I haven't tried stuffing the bag (but I don't plan on it anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem).

    safin1: it's only a little lighter IRL.
  13. wow, congratulations. it looks so pretty. definitely good karma.
  14. You are absolutely lucky.....i am sooooo's beautiful...

    Off to check every possible place I might be able to find one.
  15. Such a yummy lucky girl you!