My New "Frog" Bag... (Opinions Needed)

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  1. ...also known as Rana in Spanish. I told my boyfriend I bought a bag named Rana, and he excitedly told me I bought a Frog bag. :lol:

    The bag is very nice and pretty new as far as I could tell. I know some tPFers were receiving used merchandise from NM so I was quite worried. However, I don't know if I am keeping it just yet because the style is not as exciting as the other Choo bags... On the other hand, the bag is perfect for work with its more conservative style. What do you girls think, keep it or go for something more exciting?

    For the tPFer who was interested to see if it could fit on the shoulder, the answer is yes. It is actually quite comfortable, a very light and structured bag overall.

    Talk is cheap, now pictures! (I plan to wear the bag with those shoes if I do end up keeping the bag.) :wlae:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 7.jpg
  2. Very pretty combination :wlae:

    If the Rana works for you as a good work bag, then you should definitely keep it:yes:

    A stylish work bag that is functional and comfortable too is not always an easy task to accomplish :hysteric:
  3. I like the bag a lot...but I love the shoes. They are so cute. Are they comfy? All my jimmy choo shoes are so comfortable I feel like I can run in them!
  4. The bag? KEEP IT! The shoes? SEND THEM TO ME!
    That bag is going to be great to wear. Lucky girl....rrrrrrrribit! The shoes are so pretty. I wish I could wear heels. Will have to live vicariously through you.
  5. Very nice bag. I don't really see the bag as conservative. It is a little edgy and has sex appeal. It is all about how it works with you and your style. If you are not excited after a couple of days I say return it and buy something you ar over the moon about.

    BTW,amazing shoes! I tried to find those shoes and my size was not available.
  6. I, too like the rana. Almost got it instead of my black Riki. How about some modeling pics with the bag and shoes together...
  7. Thanks for all your kind comments!

    Robyn: Yes, I agree it is very hard to find a stylish work bag. I avoid carrying my logo bags to work because I find that people feel rather "strongly" about them. :s The bag is probably a keeper because I can see myself using it a lot for work.

    KDB: I am glad you like my shoes. I agree JC shoes are very comfy; however high heels are high heels, they can never feel like sneakers. With that said, the paif of shoes in the picture is 4 inches, I can only wear them for special occassions for a few hours. :rolleyes:

    Jburgh: I cannot wait to see your turquoise Mahala. Ooh La La. I am really a flats/sneakers girl because I am very clumsy. I have a few pair of JC flats and they are beyond comfortable.
  8. Samatha: That is a great idea to keep the bag for a few days to see how I feel later... except I don't know if I could wait that long to test drive my new bag! :p

    Jmcadon: Modeling pictures?? I'll see if my boyfriend will snap a few for me... Have you taken your new purse (meow) for a stroll yet?
  9. Btw, do you ladies know what kind of leather this bag is? calf? or slick calf?
  10. That's a gorgeous combo! Makes me look at the Frog again!
  11. I believe it's slick calf.
  12. i think it is lovely:love:....i'd keep it! :tup:congrats!
  13. Yeah, I think it's Slick Calf too! I think she's a keeper! :tup: Congrats!!
  14. gorgeous - love it!
  15. Modeling pics? :search: :popcorn: