My new "friends" straight from Paris

  1. So this weekend I went with a friend of mine to Paris... and of course that one of the obrigatory stops was Louis Vuitton :p
    We walked through the store like children in a candy shop and ended up buying a few items...
    My friend bought a Pomme d'amour pochette and a damier mini-pochette and I bought a pair of Monogram Denim Footing Sneaker (because I'm a guy and bags aren't really my thing so it was footwear or small leather goods :sweatdrop:).
    I posted a picture from e-luxury of the sneakers... What do u guys think?
    Louis Vuitton denim Sneakers1.jpg
  2. I Think Ur Footwear Is Nice Enjoy It!!!
  3. Enjoy them they're comfy and nice. Congrats!
  4. Those are hot! Love them!!!!
  5. nice :smile: congrats.
  6. They are very nice!! It sounds like you had a lot of time!!! We'll talk you into bags!!!
  7. wow congrats awesome purchase. i need a pair
  8. Congrats! :biggrin:
  9. Congrats! Do you have pics that you took yourself, rather than stock pics? I would love to see modeling pics! :biggrin:
  10. congrats...
  11. Cute, but I also want to see modelling pics! :p
  12. Very cute.
  13. love them my bf has them! gorgeous IRL
  14. PORTUGAL is in the houseeeeeeeeeeeee! I used to live in Aveiro...

    LOVEEEEEEEEE the new sneakers! :yahoo: yay!
  15. cuuuute! I don't think I'd walk outside in those! LOL