my new friend.

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  1. lately I've been thinking about getting a pet I love dogs but am not in a situation where I could give the attention and time a dog needs so I got a FISH!
    this is my new fish its a small black gold fish.

    I have yet to choose a name so suggestions are welcome!
  2. I like your black goldfish! I'm not good at fish names so I can't offer any suggestions. I especially like the 3rd photo where I can some of the gold coloring underneath ~ very beautiful!!! :tup:
  3. thank you!
  4. He's sweet, and with those eyes the only name I can think of is Marty. Congrats.
  5. Congrats on your new friend! Maybe Black Molly?
  6. Herman, Dexter, or Arthur (from Pbs kids) are some names I can think of... cOngrats on your new Fishy...he/she's too cute!! :love:
  7. He's cute! I like Snoopy for him, for some reason.
  8. great names thanks everyone!
  9. I love those boogy-eyed goldfish. I used to have one named "boogie." ;) So cute!
  10. I don't know if any one has noticed but my poor fish has a split in his front fin.
    when I got him last night I was watching him swim and kept wondering why he was swimming so strangely. it took me a while to figure out it was his front fin. I think he/her it might have been in fight with another fish becuase he/her it also has a really small rip on his tail fin. you can see the problem with the front fin in the last picture.
  11. awww it's cute ^^ I'm a huge fish lover ... of both eating and not to eat lol
  12. Yay! I love your new fine finned buddy! I think I would name him Gil:smile:
  13. He's handsome and has a very nice bowl! Lots of good name ideas.
  14. Congrats on your new for a name suggestion, how about blueberry?
  15. Congrats on your new friend!

    I love bubble-eye goldfish! We had one just like him when I was really young. His name was Midnight.