My new friend Maggie is on her way!!!

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  1. Hi Gals, :nuts:

    I know so many gals thought about the Maggie and then were not so sure, but I scored an amazing deal on a raspberry, so I bit the bullet.

    Looking forward to being able to finally post some Maggie piccies, and hopefully bringing on the Maggie love :biggrin:
  2. Hi, congrats in advance, looking forward to see it and hear your review! :P
  3. Ooh, definitely looking forward to the new arrival and seeing pics. How exciting.
  4. I ordered a black one yesterday - should be here tomorrow.

    I love Maggie...

    ... I think!

    Looking forward to pics of yours. Where did you order it from?
  5. Ooh - some Maggie fans!

    Can't wait to see some 'proper' photos of this bag!
  6. An amazing deal - come on spill the beans - how much of a reduction?
  7. Brilliant, is it the normal size Maggie or the E/W?
  8. Thanks girlies, it should be here tomorrow.

    I got it from my regular ebay seller (this is my third bag from the same seller gulp!), and as such I got a really good price (well under the sale price on Mulberry)!!!! :biggrin:

    I did explain to him that this bag just hasnt been a popular seller, even though I had loved it when I saw it in store, and after a little persuading I got it for the price I wanted ;)

    Its the regular size, not the E/W, so I think the original price was 695 lol
  9. ooh- let the maggie madness begin!!!!!!