My new French Sole flats and Kate Spade pumps!

  1. I got these two pairs of shoes last night...I won't scare people with pictures of my actual feet. What do you guys think?

    French Sole

    Kate Spade
  2. love them! esp. the ks pumps :yes:
  3. love them both! i've been debating getting the same flats! are they comfy?
  4. I haven't worn them yet, but they seem really great. It's a relatively solid bottom, and the leather is SO soft!
  5. I adore kate spade. Chic simplicity.
  6. I really really like the flats :smile:
  7. they're both really cute!!i love the patent pumps!
  8. Love them both!! I am wearing my quilted French sole flats in brown suede today, and they are very comfy!!
  9. ohhh I like! especially the flats, they are gorgeaus!
  10. yumm...i bought those same kate spade shoes in a dark raspberry color. actually it may be the same color, it's hard to tell what color patent is in some pictures. and i dream about french soles...they will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine!
  11. Ooo, I've been considering getting some French Soles myself. I want a pair of quilted ones, but I'm afraid of overdoing the quilted look, since these days I'm toting a MJ quilted venetia. I've heard people say it's too matchy-matchy to mix quilted shoes and bags, but I loooovee them...
  12. Purly -

    You should get and wear whatever makes you happy!

    I finally wore both pairs, and LOVE them. The French Soles are SO soft and comfy. The Kate Spade look fabulous, but I still have to break them in.
  13. Suli, have you worn the french soles on a sidewalk? Are they still compfy walking around in?
  14. Very cute shoes! Do they run true to size?
  15. Purly - I've walked with the French Soles inside and outside - completely comfortable. The leather is SO soft (I can't emphasize that enough) and the bottom is really structured (but comfortable). I bought mine from Nordstroms, and they were the last pair in my size in the company. I am now thinking about getting the regular "black" French Soles to replace my worn out black ballet flats.

    Winternight - which shoes are you referring to? I normally wear a size 6. I got the French Soles in the size 6, but the Kate Spades in 5.5. I had to get the front part stretched out a bit in the Kate Spade pumps.