My new French Blue coin purse :)

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  1. She's little, but already holds a big position in my :heart: !


  2. Beautiful shade of blue ... congratulations..:nuts:
  3. pretty pretty colour :yahoo: congrats!!!
  4. :heart: :heart: Beautiful:heart: :heart:
  5. So cute! Beautiful colour.
  6. Oh wow I want one too!:heart:Congrats!
  7. WOW! She's a beauty!
  8. Spiral, the color is amazing, WOW, I love it! :yes:
  9. Beauty! Enjoy
  10. Congrats!!!
    What a beautiful color!
  11. She is a beauty. Congrats!:yahoo:
  12. love the color, gorgeous!
  13. Very cute! Love it! Congrats!:yes:
  14. spiral, i love this blue. it's just gorgeous.
    i'm picturing this in a weekender. *faints*
  15. it is so beautiful! congrats!