my new framboise reade PM

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  1. Just got my brand new framboise reade PM :smile:
    thinking its a bit small for me tho, so eBay here I come LOL

    do some of you reade owners feel that it IS SMALL? its soo cute for going out though
    framboise 001.jpg framboise 002.jpg
  2. Beautiful! I love that color :biggrin:
  3. I really like the size. Perfect size for outing. Not for travelling though :lol:

    Are you gonna sell it? :huh:
  4. Yes, Im contemplating it. Ive already gotten a few Pm's about it. But If I am, ill make a selling post hehe
  5. It's actually a good size for me, but it's too small to use with the matching PTI sized wallet. It takes up a big chunk of space in the Reade, so I have to opt for a smaller wallet when using that bag.
  6. i have the same bag but in the mint green that came out. and i think size is nice for a day bag.. can fit a good deal in it without it overspilling.. love the color am hoping to get tthe same but in the sac maple shape..anyone know if it comes in that color?
  7. Great color!
  8. I love that color!
  9. What a beautiful color! I am sure you will wear it well. :biggrin:
  10. My favorite vernis color! Enjoy.
  11. Congrats!! The reade is the prettiest in frambois IMO.
  12. It's Beautiful
  13. thanks guys, but im going to sell it.
  14. How much Gucci....I love that bag...I would carry it like crazy! (damn forum...I swear my collection has doubled in the past few months due to this place!) I really am interested.
  15. But you were so excited!!!! Noooo!

    I can't afford ANOTHER bag! :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
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