My New Found love - The Coin Purse! (Pics)

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  1. OMG, look at the Bal accessory heaven! LOL

    I'm in LOVE with your RT Coin Purse! Congrats!!!

    MarieG - At this point I use the RT as my wallet, - until I get my hands on a 'Money' or a 'mini-compagnon'. They are actually quite roomy the Coin Purses. The little Porte-monnaie is perfect when I use my First as it fits perfect in the front pocket and holds a credit card and coins...

    The Ink is at this point holding the savings for F/W in its box.. But will soon be another sweet organizer in my bag.. Maybe to hold my Ipod?

    The Planet is awaiting Violiet... Where I will use it to make the strap longer on the City..

    Have to go - HINGE13 I will PM you about Holly G.

    THANK YOU ALL AGAIN... I'll be back :smile:
  3. OMG I just found this thread! Your collection of accessories is fabulous, all the cutest colors and styles together!
  4. I love them:heart::drool::drool::drool:
  5. Cute! I love the coin purses.:smile:
  6. OK, That did it! I must have a coin purse!!! They are so darn CUTE!! :nuts:
  7. Great collection. Coin purses are so cute....and practical!!:tup:
  8. So cute accessories!
    I can imagine it's not easy to choose between the one you'll use and the ones remaining at home, every morning!!
  9. Exactly - That is why I think I will use them as organizers in my bags.. The colors are so great!! I want more coin purses :yahoo: Go get some all of you and share pictures!!
  10. Evilachitect and Hinge13- I bought them both online from private sellers. The INK was NIB the red used, but still lovely. I don't remember the retail-price and didn't ask, as I was after the Money or the Mini-Compagnon when I was in there... Sorry - I'll find out this week when I pass by..

    Firstclass - I admired your collection of Porte-Monnaies!!..You have got the Eggplant right? I always admire your pictures.. You look amazing - and I am very envious (IN A GOOD WAY :drool:) of your collection of purses.. I really want one!!

    All of you are so nice, and I would like to comment on all of your sweet replies... THANK YOU!!
  11. I love the coin purses too, and the ghost is such a nice colour
  12. Aw they are so cute and small!