My New Found love - The Coin Purse! (Pics)

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  1. LOVE your coin purse esp the pink mini porte monnaie
  2. so cute, congrats!!
  3. Soooo pretty!! :love: I love your accessories collection, missm - congrats!! :yahoo:RT and ink are two of my favorite colors, and they look so cute in the coin purse!! :heart: :heart:
    Sometimes, I use my coin purse as a wallet to hold receipts/credit cards/coins. At other times, I use it as a jewelry case to keep my watch/bracelets. :smile:
  4. OMG! I LOVE this idea. I think I'm going to try it.
  5. love your ghost!!! amazing leather and color!
  6. I love them and want one oh, so bad!
  7. Thanks so much for letting me know Stylefly, Fayden, Firstclass and Cate22!:yes::heart:I think I need a coin purse now, too!:shame:
  8. Look at that mini mini tiny tiny lil lil coin purse, it's soooo adorable!!! Congrats MissM!
  9. awesome accessories.
  10. I love them all, congrats! Thanks for posting the great pics!!!!
  11. 0o0o YUMMY!!! I SO want a coin purse!!! hehehehe, I'm just gonna hang out in here and drool!!! hehehe!
  12. the ghost is awesome!!!!!!
  13. I love all of them and they're all beautiful. I also can't get over that there's a store called Holly Golightly - if I lived in Denmark (or travelled at all!), I'd have to shop there just due to the name!

    Anyway, congrats on all those goregous accessories!
  14. love them, MissM! may i ask how much you paid for the ink coin purse, in euro? i'd be interested in buying one from within the EU to avoid customs :P thanks for your help!
  15. love them all! they're all adorable!