My New Found love - The Coin Purse! (Pics)

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  1. They're sooo cute, MissM!:love: Congrats!:yes:! I fell in love with coin purses after I saw Firstclass's coin purse collection recently! :heart:

    I just have a quick question: What do you use them for? Not only for coins, right? TIA!:flowers:
  2. So cute!!!! Congratulations...
  3. congrats!
  4. What a great collection- love the Ghost! So do you use them all at once or rotate?
    For what it's worth: I've found that one coin purse can hold about 8 lip glosses:tup:
  5. I have an Ink and love it too - that Rouge is stunning though!
  6. Holy Moly!!!! I LOVE your accessories...........:nuts: Those are beautiful! :yahoo:
  7. I LOVE coin purses. i wish i had more uses for them tho! so far i just use it for my ipod.
  8. They are so so so cute!!! I love all the adorable little accessories. They're like mini-mini-B-bags!
  9. :yahoo:Miss M~ you are so lucky to have all those beauties!!! I am so in love with the RT coin purse! The color is just so pretty!!!!!!:love::love::love: I love your sky blue ghost~ I'm not even a blue color girl but I just love sky blue so much!!!!:heart: Use them well and congrats!!!!!:yahoo:They are the cutest pieces of leather ever!!!!:tender:
  10. love the coin purses! especially the RT - what a great red:tup:
    i love accessories, too - i find they are just as addicting as a big b-bag, don't you think? :P
  11. I've recently been obsessing about the coin purse. Yours are so pretty, they make me want one even more. :love:
  12. Uuuh, I might have to give them a call! I would love to have an ink coin purse - it would match my Oval Clutch so well:love: Do you recall what the retail price was? I seem to remember the price being about 1400 danish kr.?
    I would love to go to HG's sale - but since I live in the other part of the country it might need some planning. Did they tell you when the sale begins?
  13. WOW MissM :nuts: I'm speechless !!! OMG - I'm such an accessorie-lover (as you already know) - can't find words enough for your FANTASTIC acc-collection! She's BREATHTAKING :yahoo:! Love each one of them :heart: but especially the small BG porte-monnaie :drool:, I never saw it in this color yet :tender::love:!
    Thank you so much for sharing :flowers:

  14. Hi Marie :heart:! I also love MissM's accessorie-collection - very very much, it's AMAZING :yahoo: !
    I for my part use the coin purses for several things: one for my iPod, one for small make-up like lipstick, mirror aso., one for cards and papers, aso.! The little cute 'porte-monnaie' I use mostly for my coins only.
    What about you MissM ?
  15. Killer choices! I love all of the colours, and your Ghost is tooooo cute!