My New Found love - The Coin Purse! (Pics)

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  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to share my newest purchases.. Two adorable Coin Purses.. I newer knew they were this gorgeous!! I'm in :love:

    Say hello to: '05 Rouge Theatre and '06 INK. They both have yummie leather and the colors perfect:yahoo:

    Here they are pictured with my Sweet Planet in the foreground..


    And here is one with my little Bubblegum Pink Porte-Monnaie.. She felt left out..


    Last one.. The Ghost wanted to show itself of as well...

    I :heart: Accessories... :drool:
  2. Love the collection!!!!! When was the pink one from?
  3. :tup:I love all your accessories!!
    I have the Ink Coin purse too! Isn't it wonderful?!!
  4. Hi, Thanks :smile: Bubblegum is '05 Spring
  5. Sooo cute!!! Love your collection the "baby" porte monnaie is such a sweet purse!! :love:
  6. Love them all:tup: Congrats.:yahoo:
  7. They are all soooo beautiful! Love love LOVE the ink!
    Congrats an your lovely new accessories sweetie:yahoo:
  8. miss m, OMG they are ALL soooo cute :drool:
  9. MissM - Wow, ur bal accessories are gorgeous and great collection, i love them all esp the 05 rouge theatre coin purse which is not easy to find as well as the the mini mini coin purse and the ghost...they are all rare items.......u are so lucky....:smile:
  10. YAY!!! Thank you all :smile:

    Purseindipity the INK really is Gorgoeus!!!

    Hinge13 - I visited Holly Golightly (to the rest of you -Holly G. is our only bbag retailer in Denmark) yesterday and they have one INK Coin Purse left.. It was really 'purplish' and edible.. Will I see you there when the sale begins??

    Celia - THANK YOU!!! You have the greatest collection of accessories, so I am flattered :blush:

    Thank you ALL for your sweet replies..

  11. Aw, those are very cute! I love how the hardware looks on the coin bag. Congrats!
  12. What an adorable collection! They look sooo soft!!!
  13. Congrats!! You have an amazing collection of accessories!! Love the ink !!
  14. Oh my they are so so cute. Love them all esp. your lovely ghost & pink little one!:love: Congrats!
  15. Cool! Congrats!
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