my new foresta trenino & pirata stellina!

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  1. HORRAY!! My FOresta Trenino that Tokidokiangel helped me get came today...It is soo pretty that I almost cried when I saw it. Then I opened another box and my Pirata Stellina that I traded a MM for on LJ came and its pretty too...I almost always carry my Stellinas backwards, so I'm all about the back print. What a great TOki day. This list has made some of my toki dreams come true...
    And Tokidokiangel is such a darling for going into scary NY to pick up my foresta Trenino for me!! Love the people on this list!!!
    Picture 034.jpg
    Picture 035.jpg
    Picture 037.jpg
    Picture 036.jpg
  2. Congrats! Beautiful bags. I love the placement of your Pirata Stellina. Three girls all together. Awesome!
  3. Yay! I'm glad you like the pirata stellina, I love the mamma mia I traded it for! :smile: My first mamma mia
  4. Elizs,
    Congrats on your bags. the back of your Foresta Trenino has my perfect print placement! Isn't tokidokiAngel Sweet ! she is helping us with our wishlist..too bad I have not gotten any of my wishlist toki granted ..yet...Maybe soon :P
  5. I love the purse Forum. It helps me feed the addiction that is nowhere near me in stores...Tokidoki angel is such a doll..I can just imagine the fun in searching for that perfect toki in a pile...:happydance::happydance:
  6. Congrats!! :dothewave::dothewave::dothewave:Your bags are super cute!! :graucho:
  7. LOVE that Trenino!!! Great find by Tokidokiangel! And soooo great that a tPF member helped you get it. CONGRATS!
  8. The trenino is lovely! I need one! Very happy for you!!
  9. Congratz on the lovely bags! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats on your bags!!! they look awesome!! I wonder where she found your trenino..I went to filenes and saw even made many circles to see if I missed something. maybe they were snatched up already..:confused1:
  11. Congrats! They are so cute :smile:
  12. I love your trenino!!! Did you get it on sale?
  13. cute! congrats!!
  14. Ooooh, your trenino is AWESOME!! :tup:
  15. i love the foresta treninos i'm seeing! congrats!