my new foresta & my collection

  1. My new Foresta Cucciolo came thanks to a wonderful TPF member ( you know who you are :graucho:) So I included it in my entire collection photo. I think I'm done, unless there is a severe discount on some of the solid colors & cammo...Enjoy!! Now all I need is Simone to come to the Midwest to do a signing :smile:
  2. I love you stellinas! Nice Playground BV.
  3. Whoa I love your Toki wall! :yes: That juicy lime green color makes everything pop!
  4. Nice Foresta ;)
  5. OMG, your inferno stellina is to die for.
  6. Love all your Stellinas! Love that you can hang your bags on the wall like that to admire. Mine are hiding in a closet in my room - can't have the husband know how many I actually have. :p
  7. very cutee!

  8. haha. yes, all mine are stored in various places. if the fiance new how many I have, I would be in trouble. i think he recognizes the different prints but doesnt realize a have more than one bag in some prints.