my new foresta and its guts! *pics*

  1. I finally broke down and got a bocce cuz I really wanted something small for the essentials to "grab and go"...So the bocce beat out the porta and caramella :smile: And when I travel, I'll just stick the bocce in my foresta trenino! It DOES fit more than you think!!!

    it fits: my canon SD500 camera w/ it's orange "case", cell phone, lip gloss, keys, and compact wallet...



    I recommend one! super cute and compact! it easily fits on my wrist...i'm 5'6" btw for reference... :smile:
  2. Very cute bocce!! Everyone's getting one nowadays!! (Sort of) Makes me want to get one in Foresta too!

    Where did you get yours from and how much was it?

    BTW, I LOVE your Nokia 7373!! I was thinking about buying one this week! How is it? I see the cute superhero as your wallpaper! ;)
  3. Man... My "grab and go" essentials would still have to be in a bella or MM!! *lol*
  4. Miss Dana- regarding the bocce, get one! get one! get one! i got mine off eBay for ~$60. It was cheaper than getting a Porta for the prices that they've both been going for ;) Regarding the nokia, get one! get one! get one! hahah...i absolutely LUV it :smile: but make sure u get a clear case (probably off eBay for a few bux) to protect it from scratches etc...

    maya- hahah, i really want to use a BIGGER bag like a zucca but i don't think i have ENOUGH stuff to fill it w/ ;)
  5. Really? Only around $60?? But idk.. I dont have an eBay account and I dont want to start one! LOL I'll get it from ebay if someone can help me.. I dont really understand it all.

    I've practically decided on the phone already! Haha I used to want the 7370 (brown/gold version) but thats old news now.. the 7373 has a better camera :smile:
  6. Dana: The phone you have is sooooooo cute, though!!
  7. Maya - Thanks!! I know.. I :love: it too~ Its GREEN!! But somethings wrong with it.. reception fluctuates A LOT.. and that happened before someone spilled alcohol on my phone :push: Now the buttons are semi-hard to push. I'll still keep it though. :smile:
  8. awwww your bocce has the cupid on it! there's one on ebay right now going for $80....REALLYYY tempting!
  9. o:huh::huh:O cute foresta bocce ^__^
  10. ooh thats soo cute!!:biggrin:
  11. btw who's on the other side?!
  12. So cute! But too bad i cant go anywhere without my wallet...and my wallet cant fit in a bocce :push:
  13. i LOVE your bocce! Funny I was scoping some out last night online! So tempting!!!!
  14. Yay for jumping on the bocce bandwagon!! :p I think we've started a trend~
  15. wow bocces are way cuter than i thought and way smaller!