My new fluid Jersey scarf

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  1. I bought the new knitted Silk Jersey scarf today. I really like it. Its beautiful worn as a top because of the way it drapes. Sorry, Im not sure exactly on the name, but it might be Kaleche? SA said right now it only comes in two designs, mine and the Brides de Gala. I think Im going to get the BDG in grey too.

    Anywhoo, it also came with an instruction booklet which I will also post pictures of.
    DSCN3893.JPG DSCN3894.JPG
  2. And here are the instructions from the booklet Le Carre Fluide:
  3. I was scared to open this thread because I tried on the BdG at the Boutique and loved it. NOt in my budget right now but maybe some day. Would really love to see some action shots.

    BTW, do you know what other colorways the Caleche design comes in?

  4. I bought both design but returned them later, just don't like the texture. :sad:
  5. What are the measurements and the price?
  6. 90cm x 90cm, if I didn't remember it wrong, it is $530/ea?
  7. thanks dou.dou! =) I'll have to visit the H boutique and give them a try =) I love how it's so drapey!
  8. You are welcome and good luck! ;)
  9. Thank you for sharing this Purse-o-holic. I like the colourway and print. Not so much the price.

  10. This is the red one I bought and returned. The color is beautiful. I just not used to the texture. (sorry, didn't take pic when received it.)

  11. I really, really like the design of this one, and would love to see some action pics
  12. congratulations! I really want one of this. in gray or etoupe.:tup:
  13. Thanks for sharing, congrats to a great buy! Am really interested in this new fabric. Have the Bdg on order at my local store - wonder when it will arrive.
  14. I love the feel of these! The Brides de Gala is on my wishlist but they are awfully pricey. Still, I love how they drape. Thanks for sharing!!
  15. I saw this and the BdG pattern in my local store and the moment I touched the fabric immediately was dying to get the one you got and wear it as a top. I am desperately trying to stop thinking about this....the regular twill ones are sort of stiff and I haven't figured out to make those work.