My new First from NM is a return....

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  1. I picked up my new BI First two weeks ago and have only carried it a couple of times. Yesterday I noticed a tiny brown stain on it, and after additional inspection I found a couple of more. I know for certain that I did not dop anything on this bag. I also remember that the tags on the bag were already cut off when I picked it up.

    Do you thinkI should keep the bag or should I return it?

    Thank you for your help,

  2. Hmmm....if it really bothers you, I would definitely return it. For these prices, you deserve to be totally satisfied with it. But if it doesn't bother you much, I would keep it; imperfections on my bags just make me love them more, but I might be an oddball here! :smile:
  3. :yes: totally agree! good luck with what you decide to do!
  4. yikes, if i found tiny brown stains on my new b-bag, i'd return it a.s.a.p. :Push:
  5. It's up to you. If it bothers you definitely go return or exchange it!
  6. I would completely return it. Don't settle! There are always others available.
  7. Return it... tiny brown spots are not cute. If they don't bother you or if they are not easily observable then keep it
  8. Return it!
  9. Girl, return it! You didn't pay full price for a used bag.
  10. definetely return it because even a little doubt will make u unhappy especially when u have paid so much
  11. NM has a wonderful return policy so if you're still unsure, keep it for awhile and if your heart still tells you it's "used" and not for you go ahead and return it. You know your heart more than we do. :smile:
  12. i'd return it if it bugs you.
  13. Will NM allow you to return a new unused bal if you have a change of heart?
  14. I would do a inspection right after I get my bbag.

  15. Your best bet is to contact NM and ask them about their return policy. You might be able to find this online.
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