My new FIRST EVER gucci!!!!! AHHH

  1. Well, its a long story and im going back out in a minute but i wanted to share with you all i got my first gucci bag today :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: YAY!!!
    ill post pics and the story when i get back but oh my god im sooo excited ahhhhhhhh

    heres the style


    i :heart: it soooo much!! ahhh

    cya later :yes:
  2. congradulations!!
  3. Whoaaa At first I thought hte Price was $340:wtf::wtf:. But then I saw it closely and saw 340GBP. LOL:lol::lol:! CONGRATS on your new BAG!
  4. sweeeeeeeeeeeet
  5. OMG, HANNAH! :yahoo: YAY!:yahoo:
    I'm so happy for you, you totally deserve it! Did you get it from flannels?
    I'll chat to you later on msn, can't wait to hear the story!
  6. congrats!!!!!!!!!! that's so exciting!!!!!!!!
  7. ok my story... well its not that long to be honest but i didnt have time to write it out before.

    Ok so in september im going down to london to see robbie williams in concert. I had originally planned to buy a gucci bag down there in london so i was saving up to get it. Well, were travelling down with my mums friend and shes very anti-designer so i though i would feel very uncomfortable spending alot on a bag with her there but id decided to get over it and just buy it down in london.
    Today i was shopping with my mum and sister and was getting very... impatient knowing a store in the city had my bag and i could go buy it tomorrow (payday). i kept debating all day and was talking with my mum over a glass of wine and dinner and she said well why dont i buy it today and you can pay me back tomorrow when you get paid, so that was it! i was SOLD and so was the bag hehe! i downed the rest of my wine and hurried along to flannels. When i was there the SA was very helpful and let me examine the bag and check it was the one for me... well it was :biggrin:
    i said ok ill take it and mum bought it for me there and then! i was sooo excited, i was gutted that it wasnt in a gucci store but that is only a minor detail, i dont care i LOVVVVVE my bag :biggrin::biggrin: *dances* :yahoo:

    well ill add some pics up in a minute
  8. Congralutaloions. This bag is very pretty. I love it
  9. urgh im trying to upload my pics, and i know how to but they just wont upload :sad:
  10. congrats, great choice!!
  11. Congrats! What a nice way share a day with your Mum and sis!
  12. Congrats!!! That's a gorgeous first Gucci bag!
  13. Congrats, that bag is gorgeous!! I really want to focus on my LV collection, but your bag makes me *really* want another gucci! Enjoy that beauty, can't wait to see the pics
  14. I love that bag!! Please post pictures :yes:
  15. Yay! Congratulations on your first Gucci! :yahoo: Enjoy her :heart: