My new/first Birkin

  1. I am really excited about it. I have been trying to read up on leather types etc in all the great posts here.

  2. It's GORGEOUS! You lucky gal! :smile:
  3. very pretty,.. enjoy!
  4. Oh my god! I love it! :heart: :love: Do you mind telling how much it was? (need to know what to save ;) )
  5. for a minute there I was thinking there was a Birkin drought!
  6. Congrats! It's a beauty! What color and leather is it?
  7. Beautiful! Where and how did you find her??!!
  8. It is a 35 in clemence (I think) that I got from a friend who bought it in December and hadn't used it. How lucky is that?

    I have been on the list to get on the list at my local boutique for some time, with no luck (although I came very close when I got a call for a 35 in rouge H but in box leather).

    Now I want to change my request for a vert anis. I just don't know enough about leathers yet.
  9. Love the color!!
  10. that is a great bag. congratulations. thanks for sharing!
  11. What a gorgeous bag! Congrats!!!!!!:yahoo:
  12. Lovely!!!:love: :love: :love:
  13. Beautiful!!!! What a color and how lucky you are!!! Congratulations and wear her well and often!!!!!
  14. :heart: :heart: I Love it! The color "pops" out at you! Thanks for sharing..
  15. It is gorgeous!!! Enjoy and congratulations!!! I just love it!
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