My new finds.......


Now should I get the Legacy Flap to add to the family?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. I am in Houston on business and being stuck in the hotel at night I have found tPF to help me pass the time. Well after spending a lot of time here last night I caught the Coach fever :heart::heart: :heart:and having a free day today and the hotel being one block from The Galleria Mall and a wonderful Coach Store; as they say the rest is Histroy and here is what I found........ (I couldn't wait to share my new treasures with others here:yahoo:)
    Personal 038 (3).jpg
  2. Wow, great buys. Can I come on a business trip with you? Sounds fun!:nuts:
  3. Nice choices! They look so lovely together.

    I wouldn't add a flap - unless you really like small bags because it is smaller than the zip shoulder. If you like the zip shoulder and want more Legacy, try the Ali or wait and look at the fall releases because there are great new versions coming out.
  4. I voted yes for the flap but I think that is because I have caught legacy fever and cant say no to it.
  5. Very, Very Nice...enjoy.
  6. I think the flip flops were a steal.....even if they are mens; I thought they would be great beach and everyday....What do you think? Are they obviously mens?
    Personal (2).jpg
  7. Forgot to mention the most important thing about the flip flops; they were 50% off.
  8. Great purchases!

    I don't think they're "obviously mens" :nogood:
  9. The flip flops are definitely not obviously men's. The legacy flap isn't one of my favourite bags even though i'm obsessed with Legacy bags. But, I'm not much of a small bag person.

    What colour are you thinking of getting?

    Do you really like small bags?
  10. I do like small bags; I have an Ali and I really don't like it (for me). I love the bag, it is beautiful. I am one of those people that shove everything in a bag if it will hold it. I decided to get the zip because it is so much smaller and I want to be limited on space.

    I am trying to decide if I want to sell my Ali, I don't think I would ever use it again. Any advice?
  11. Sell it and use the money for something you love.
    That's the great thing about bags, just use them, sell them and get something new. You're never stuck with anything!
    I didn't know the flip flops weere mens until you said so.
  12. sooooo very nice!! BTW I love the Houston Galleria!---Great Shopping
  13. Great stuff! Yes, add the flap to complete the family.
  14. I say go for the flap. I have one in black leather - I really want the signature/khaki/ebony!!!. It is small but holds quite a bit. I can get my makeup, cell phone, small credit card holder, mirror, gum, keys, lotion, and hand sanitizer in there. Everything except a hair brush. It is nice and small for those times when you do not want to be bogged down by a big purse. You can even put it around your waist - you will probably need to get something to extend the strap length. I use these flexible keyring type things that pilots use to put through the holes on their checklists (former dh is a pilot) and put a few together. Maybe I'll get a pic up sometime. And one of my favorite features of the bag and why I can't part with the leather - the SMELL!! I feel like I am about to ride a horse - that is how the saddles smells. I love love love the smell of good leather.
  15. Well the business trip has come to an end. Thanks to tPF and my new Coach friends for helping me pass the time. I am heading to the home front today, (with all my new finds).