My New Finds (Reveal!!)

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  1. So I went to my local outlet today because they just started the annual Breast Cancer Awareness coupon of 25% off any single item when you buy the coupon for $1.
    Anyone wanna see what I bought????
  2. Yes!

    Are all the outlets participating in this?
  3. bring it
  4. Show show show!
  5. Bring on the pictures! :smile:
  6. The manager found me a dustbag, because it didn't have one, and it is huge!! I could probably put at least three bags in it.

    A clue...

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  7. An Ali?
  8. Just Tanger Outlets...although I think Prime Outlets did something similar last year.
  9. alexandra
  10. Yeah...probably Alexandra...
  11. Nope!

    Metallic Python Kristin Drawstring Hobo!!!

    I got her 30% plus the 25% off!!:yahoo:

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  12. nice score
  13. I also picked up a violet kristin checkbook wallet for $75 after 50% and 25% off!!

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  14. Nice find! Hope you're doing the happy dance :party:
  15. Lovely finds! Congrats!