My new find

  1. $50 looks like a good deal. I picked up that bag this spring at the outlet for around $100 and I love it. Congrats!
  2. Looks like a good deal to me! :tup: It never hurts to get preloved coach if you don't mind it, and save a bundle, congrats!!! :p
  3. thats a great deal! if its a little dirty just grab some coach leather cleaner and you should be good to go.

    but i love the bag, i love the braided strap
  4. Great deal for $50. Enjoy!
  5. You got a great deal!
  6. I love the bag. Such a great deal too... congrats!!
  7. Thanks for your great responses! I'm hoping that the marks on the bag come out easily with just baby wipes. I'll take pictures when I get it.
  8. That is a great deal. Congrats!
  9. $50! Amazing! Way to go!!! I have the large one of that style and *love* it with my goldfish keyfob that I found at the outlet a month or so ago. Wish I could have found the bag at the outlet though...haha! I love a good bargain! Congratulations on a great bag! :yes:
  10. I love the strap on that bag- great find!
  11. Wow! What an AWESOME DEAL! And a great bag at that!
  12. Honey, anything Coach for $50 is a GREAT deal!!! Congrats.
  13. cute bag, great deal.
  14. Wow Ladies! I received the bag already!!! What a beautiful bag it is too, there are a few *stains* that look more like ink or dye transfers, but the rest of the bag is gorgeous! I will try and post a picture once I change out of my scrubs, as they make my butt look bigger than it already is, and would make the purse look smaller! :rolleyes: