My new fierce wedges!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Those are hot!! :nuts:

    Cork heels are very comfortable to wear too, great style.
  3. they truly are fierce!! congrats!
  4. Thanx guys! :smile:)
  5. cute!
  6. those are hot!
  7. Very pretty!
  8. Love it!! U bettah wurk! Fierce to the extra to the fullest!!!
  9. very cute...
  10. Ooo very fierce!
  11. Those are hot!!! Congrats!!
  12. cute!
  13. Way Cool! Are those Cole Haan? I was looking yesterday at a shoe with same weave pattern across the toes. I think it was the same shoe but without the ankle strap.
  14. Very cute! They look great on you!
  15. Very nice. Enjoy your wedges. I love you french pedicure, it looks great with every shoe.