1. ...Blake that is!! :p

    Well, after thinking all was lost when I missed the BIN on e-bay a few weeks ago,little did I know that it was meant to be! Thank you Muggles! (and a special shout out to goldenflower!) If this Blake could talk,right Anna?:yes::p

    Isn't she purdy!?:heart::heart:
  2. What a beautiful bag yoy have there!!! I absolutely love it!!! Such exquisite taste!! Love you and hope the two of you are very happy together!!:heart::whistle::ty::party:
  3. Reunited and it feels sooo good.:p Thank you Muggles! Two great minds think alike!
  4. Beautiful bag! That color is gorgeous.
  5. Thank you rorosity! ( I think you and I need to take a trip to the MJ boutique to get that Bruna.:graucho:)
  6. Love Love Love Love Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I say that I LOVE it?!!! Congrats!!!
  7. gorgeous bag! are you crossing this one off your wish list now? is this considered a red bag?

    did you get the quilted in yellow???
  8. such a fabulous color! congrats! :yahoo:

  9. It's officially crossed off! (Although, I am a firm believer in having more than 1 fab red bag, so it's never really crossed off)

    I missed out on the quilted yellow because a lovely Pf'er bought her, but that's okay,time for me to save more money!:p

    Thanks everyone!!!!
  10. It's gorgeous.
  11. ^ Thank you SweetPea!
  12. o wow, love!!!
  13. i love it! so cute. congrats!
  14. Love it!!
  15. So Haaawt!!!