My New Ferragamo Bag :)

  1. my sweet grandmother got this for me! :smile:
    i just love the leopard :love:
    ferragamo1.jpg ferragamo2.jpg
  2. 0o0o0o congrats, eveningfaces.... its going to be a good summer, aye?! woo hoo new bag!!! your grandmother is SO lovely!!!
    ***hugs to you both***
  3. That is so cute. I wanted my dad to get that for my mom for their anniversary, but they were gone back in April when we got the flyer!! She didn't want it anyway, but I think the bag is gorgeous.
  4. thanks helen & misslola :heart:
    i think it'll make a great summer bag :yes:
  5. ohhh thats so yummy love it :love:
  6. wow, that is a cute bag...
  7. Too cute! Love the "kitty!"
  8. Aw, look at all those beautiful colors! Your grandma is such a sweetheart :heart:
  9. Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats i agree with all, great summer bag.. I love the bird on the left s:huh::huh::huh: cute!!!!!:biggrin:
    swEet sweEt grandma you have!! :love:
  10. thanks everyone :flowers:
  11. I love that range. Awesome!
  12. That's a pretty bag! Your grandma is so sweet! Congrat on your new SF bag!
  13. Omg! A leopard! I'm in love!!!!! Gorgeous bag!!!