My new Fendi!! WOO HOO!!

  1. I just picked up this little gem today at Neimans. Its about the same size as a speedy 25, a smidge bigger. Totally cute!! Retail $845.00.

    Anyone know anything about it? Is it limited? The SA told me they only got this one.

  2. OMG!!! SELENA!!! I LOVE IT!!! CONGRATS!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Thanks!!! :smile:
    I LOVES IT!!!! Irene have you seen it before? I havent but I have been Fendi retarded for sometime now. This is the NON LV bag I have bought in about a year! LOL
  4. *GASP*...WOW...I've never seen anything like it...that bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! So unique!!!!!!

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! It's a beauty!!!
  5. Guys if anyone sees this go on sale drop me a PM. :smile:
  6. omg, love!
  7. It is so nice, Congrats.
  8. It's beautiful! I don't know much about Fendi either though...
  9. I like it! :yes: & I like your Cerises Speedy also :love:
  10. I saw that the other day online...and love it!! What a gorgeous bag...congrats!!!
  11. gorgeous fendi piece. congrats!
  12. congrats!
  13. Thanks GUys!! I think I am going to take it out for a walk today :smile:

    Its pooring..but i think it will be ok...hopefully!
  14. That bag is PIMP!! Rock it! I love it!
  15. Very nice. I haven't seen this one before. It's very different but in a good way.

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