My New Fendi Spy shoes to go with my spy bag

  1. My new Fendi spy shoes have just arrived and I so love them. They have little knots on the T bar section which is also plated just like the spy handles on the bag. I have teamed them up with my Petrol spy, the colour is not an exact match but think they go quite well.
    133_3317.JPG 133_3307.JPG 133_3309.JPG 133_3313.JPG 133_3318.JPG
  2. Those are gorgeous Saich! Love the braiding feature that echos the spy handle....

    Now what I'd really like to see is You & Lit walking down the street side by side with those shoes & Blue spys in cool, so FENDI!!:dothewave:
  3. Thanks Baglady, been meaning to say I LOVE those little yellow men jumping in line, think they are brilliant
  4. wow, love that blue! congrats!
  5. Still love these shoes. The way the weaving goes with the spy is fantastic!
  6. Hi Litigatrix, my spy shoe twin:smile:
  7. They are so cute! I love them. I was doing so well, I may have to take the plunge.
  8. Perfect shoes !!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats Saich !!
  9. Those are so awesome,

  10. Saich, the shoes are absolutely BRILLIANT! I love how they look perfect on your feet!!! :heart: The hue of that blue is simply magnificent.
  11. I love these shoes! I NEED a pair! lol
  12. Thanks everyone they are lovely shoes and so match the spy
  13. I went to all the stores in the city today that I knew stocked fendi and none of them had these shoes.

    They are TDF and I am so happy that you and Lit have them! They are truly GORGEOUS and H-O-T!!!

    :whistle:<insert whistle>:whistle:
  14. OMG! your shoes are soooo beautiful and in my opinion they go very well with your bag. You know, I hate when the bag and the shoes are exactly the same, soooooo, you'll stop the traffic with that combination :graucho:
  15. Love the shoes! They are gorgeous!