My New Fendi & Collection *Pics*

  1. Hi! I am fairly new to Fendi. I have had some sunglasses for quite some time but finally decided to add a messenger bag and some shoes. My bag collection mainly consist of LV but I, not very long ago, decided to delve into other designers and I love it! Here is my small Fendi collection. Enjoy!:tup:

  2. I love that messenger!
  3. Love the shoes!
  4. Thanks Coldplaylover and Speedy 30!
  5. I love the glasses on the right -- they are fab!
  6. Everything is gorgeous, congrats:tup:
  7. Thanks! They are covered in leather. Very unique and one of my all time favorites.:tup:
  8. Wow that messenger is nice I to am an LV lover but I saw my friends new fendi a month ago and I am in love I think I need a change this time and fendi is the next best thing.
  9. Thanks! Delving into other brands is fun! Buying a non-LV bag every now and then keeps me from getting bored with LV and really diversifies my collection!
  10. Love Everything!@! Congrats!!
  11. congrats!!
  12. Thanks PrincessMe and RoseMary!!
  13. That Fendi messenger is fab...great for traveling and the matching shoes are so cute!
  14. Congrats...Enjoy your new Fendi items....
  15. STUNNING!!

    FENDI Love to ALL :girlsigh:!!