My new Fendi B Belt in action, thanks kneehighz! *Birthday PICS!*

  1. Some of your would know that kneehighz was very sweet to offer her time to helping out a stranger on the other side of the world. Thanks sweetie... :heart: There was a B Belt that I was eyeing on the Saks website but they didn't ship out of the US. So from Texas to the land of Crocodile Dundee.... I got my belt! :nuts:

    I thought I didn't like it when I got it but my partner convinced me to keep it cos he liked it. Surprise surprise! How often does that happen? I decided to wear it at my 23rd birthday party that I had in conjunction with my best mate on the Saturday just past.

    So here are the photos of me with my new belt! I carried by blueberry spy that night and I am also wearing the matching heels. I have also included a photo of the cupcake birthday cake. It was yummy!!! :drool:

    Pic 1: the cake
    Pic 2: urm... realised it wasn't quite possible to blow out all the candles in 1 breath
    Pic 3: my belt and the bday girls
    P8110106.jpg 100_3485.jpg 100_3528.jpg
  2. I hope you guys enjoy the photos. :smile: Here are a few more while I'm at it.

    Here are some pics of the Fendi silver sparkle Zucchino bag that I bought in March (or April) from Jomashop. I have been dying to give it to my best friend ever since I got it. Silver is so easy to match plus she likes to take out a tiny bag at night. I'm the opposite, I won't carry a bag at all.

    Pic 1: After tearing off the paper she realises from the sticker on the Jomashop box that it is a Fendi bag... :wtf:
    Pic 2: OMG!!! :nuts:
    Pic 3: OMG!!! :nuts::nuts:
    P8110115.jpg P8110116.jpg 100_3491.jpg 100_3492.jpg
  3. Here's a naughty photo... I went to the bathroom after cake and when I came back I found the remaining cupcakes rearranged... :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I couldn't stop laughing...

    (There are more photos but I won't post them unless they are requested, just in case they are not appropriate. No nudity, but pretty naughty, lol. Sigh, engineers... this is what I put up with.)
  4. ^lol, and your friend looked really happy! Congrats on your belt too!!
  5. LOL!!!:roflmfao: Happy Birthday, Kavnadoo!!!
  6. LOL!!! I'm sooooooooooo glad you decided to keep it!! You look so pretty, love the second pic at the top because its so happy and natural:smile: Hope you had a great birthday!
  7. I waaaaaaaaant a blueberry spy! I'm envious. :smile: Happy birthday and the belt looks fantastic on you! So congrats on having a boyfriend with great taste. Mine laughs at most of the stuff I get. *my sunglasses apparently make me look like a "bug" for example. What does he expect? I'm from Southern California, and mine aren't nearly as big as the celeb ones!*
  8. Happy birthday Kavnadoo...!!!The belt looks great on you:yes:
  9. aw, you look like you had so much fun! happy belated bday!

    what a nice friend you are to give her a fendi bag!
  10. Thanks ladies, it isn't actually my birthday... yet. We just had a joint party early cos uni is getting busier as I speak.

    Thanks kneehighz the belt is actually growing on me. I'm actually on the way out to get myself this Gucci belt I've been eyeing for more than a year. Fingers crossed!!
  11. Love those pics!! Belt looks great...too funny with that 'rearranged' pic, hahahaha
  12. I Love IT!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Great Cup Cakes....:heart:
  13. Hehe.... The boys started taking turns having their photos taken with the cupcake *thing*. It reminded me of one of those cartoon stands where you can have your photo taken in the face cut outs.

    Anyway it all started with them taking turns standing behind the cupcake *thing*. Then they started posing in positions... Guy with mouth open at end etc. Funniest part was when one of the girls accidentally split her drink
    on one of the guys jeans. Then he posed for the camera... [​IMG]

    Okay back to Fendi, lol.
  14. kav, you know you are my belt it on you. so glad you got it:flowers:
  15. ^Thanks... You should post a modeling pic of your belt here. DO You have the matching shoes? I'm trying to find them.