My New Fendi B.Bag Collection: Pics

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  1. Just got all my new ones in:


    I am officially addicted!!!!

    I hate to admit I found another Pink one and I am giving it to my mom!!! :smile:
  2. :tup: Those are pretty!! I ordered the black one from last night, I hope they don't cancel. After seeing your pics I can't wait...
  3. Oh your gonna love it!!!!!! If they cancel your order, just try calling the stores. I know Boston had it in stock. They will ship direct to you. Thats how I got the gold one ;)
  4. do you mine me asking what were the prices on the black and gold one? I really want to get a bbag but i am hoping for the best price as i am a student.
  5. No problem! The black was $900 the gold $629 and the pink $1750.
  6. Great group shot!!! Looking great, Selena...I SO need a black one...
  7. OMG thats a steal on the gold one!!!! ahhh i want one! probably sold out buy now though, good going selena!!!
  8. My order was cancelled thru the online store but I did locate one at a Barneys store. You should call around if you are really interested. I am SURE you will find one!
  9. All I can say is WOW! :drool:
    Gorgeous bags!
  10. congrats! ;)
  11. Oh yes a wonderful group, I personally really like the the black one!
  12. hot! Could you post a pic with one on your shoulder? I'm considering one and I'm scared it will be too big [I'm just not a fan of huge bags]
  13. BRB: I have one with my daughter modeling. She is 5'3" and size 10.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. thanks a ton!!! I'm in love!