My new Fendi Anna handbag is finally here!

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  1. Beautiful!
  2. the bag is a little bit bigger than I thougth, but still love it
  3. This is the large version...most of the ones on sale sites now are the smaller Anna.
  4. omggggg yes i see now...this is def bigger verison and lovely :loveeyes: they still sell this size??? how do you like your bag so far? very light weight from what i can tell but i just got it today so we'll see. ENJOY your bag!!!
  5. I found this at browns fashions, the UK store/site! I haven't seen the large in any us online stores.

    I love mine, but I only wish they had an outside back pocket to slip my cellphone is so I don't have to open the large flap everytime. It is super light weight and love the crossbody strap. I can't wait to wear it for fall!
  6. Ooo never heard of that store .but thanks for the heads going to see if i find one was well on there...i love the size of.your bag. ...i guess bag lovers think alike because that's exactly what i said to my mom when i initially got it^^^ ... i def thought my bag had an outside pocket...but o well ...its still beautiful
  7. Love the style of the handbag. It's really cute ♥
  8. Beautiful bag! Congratulations.
  9. Gorgeous and classy!
  10. Nice bag...I purchased one in the smaller size. Here it's the one with calf hair. :smile:
    20120603_172528.jpg 20120603_111525.jpg