My new fella bought me a present!

  1. Yippee - I went out to dinner last night and my new fella knew I had been wanting this bag very much and he set it on the table at dinner!


  2. Congrats!!! but I can't see the pic :sad:
  3. Darn - I can see it from my computer . . .Not sure what I'm doing wrong - let me try again! It's a brand new Damier Alma!

  4. What a nice guy, love the Alma!
  5. Lucky you...Congrats! The Damier Alma is the perfect sized bag!
  6. Congrats!

    Try uploading the pic to You can't post a picture with a link that's directly from an e-mail.
  7. You lucky girl ! Can't wait to see pictures ! :yes:
  8. Oo Congrats!!!!! I love the Alma!
  9. Trying again!




  10. I looks great!
  11. Ooooh...he def. scores some cool points! Enjoy!
  12. Beautiful Alma. Such a classic shape!
  13. you're sooo lucky! it's gorgeous! congrats!
  14. :girlsigh: Gorgeous!
  15. We've only been out about 6 times, so I think I'm going to keep this fella!