My new favorite "purse"!

  1. The boyfriend was out of town this weekend visiting friends, and he promised to bring me something "geeky" back and here it is! My very own new frog purse! I take it as a good sign that he knew to buy a purse :lol:

    I love my new purse, and even though I probably will stick to carrying my Coaches and LVs, this little guy is the sentimental favorite.

    Do you guys have any similar mementos? I'm sure kids/parents/SOs have given you a few quirky items :biggrin:
    new purse.JPG
  2. oooh that's adorable favorite "purse" is a sad sam with a zipper in his back that an old boyfriend gave just has lots of sentimental value me even though we're not together......thought it was really sweet
  3. OMG, I thought I was the only one with something sad sam. I have a sad sam plushy and a honey, and a honey key holder things, and a honey purse. Weird.

    To the original poster, that pic made me :lol:.
  4. That frog is so cute, lol.

    I used to have a Mickey Mouse mini backpack. My aunt gave it to me when she came over from Japan. It was adorable! I regret giving that to Goodwill so much.
  5. How cute!!! He is your prince charming eh??
  6. that is a classic. I needed that laugh. thanks for posting! the bag is adorable!
  7. guys must think of me when they see sam sam's because a different boyfriend bought me the sad sam doll that cries when you squeeze it and the same sad sam zipper thingy that the other boyfriend got me :Push:.....all this has made me kinda sad sam obsessed :shame:
  8. Very cute purse!
  9. What a cute addition to a collection!
  10. Cute and very thoughtful!
  11. He's too cute, but I :love: Honey a little more. My mom bought me a ton of them recently, because our local card store went out of business and was selling things for crazy cheap. I wish I had a b/f give me sad sams. :lol:
  12. Your boyfriend is so sweet, that's a very cute frog purse :smile:
  13. That is so cute! Your BF is very thoughtful and sweet!
  14. That is so cute!!
  15. That's sooo cute. I love whimsical purses. Great conversation starters at parties, and offers a peek into a person's personality.