1. I want to give a KUDOS to xoSTEPHOxo- she is awesome.
    I wanted to find that denim multi pocket tote and I caught Chanel Boy's post too too late, it was gone.
    I called my normal SA at Neimans in Tyson and they were like- nope its gone, I checked for another customer yesterday and could not find it. Now sometimes I think some of the SA's use that as an excuse, if someone is calling for fear that all their searching will go in vane and that caller might back out.. we all know that inventory changes by the second, so many returns, whats the harm in doing a check - just because, something might have been returned recently and it just hits the inventory... anyway that being said. I got a hold of xoSTEPHOxo and she let me know she would check on it.. well she did and later that day she found me one..Bless her heart she called almost every store to find me the bag..and she did- in BEVERLY HILLS !!!! This is great customer service- she went well above what she could have done and made me happy. She was off the next day and left word for the other SA's to make sure my transaction went smoothly when I called in with my giftcard.. Even she commented on what she did to locate that bag for me.. I am so happy and I can not wait to get the bag.
    She will now be my new Neimans SA- Knowing that it was a sale item marked down to "826.00"- whoppee.. it was expected to be gone- sometimes it doesn’t hurt to look.. Thanks again STEPHANIE...
    No offense to the other GREAT Neiman's SA's that are a part of this forum or that anyone else uses..
    I can say for all the local girls in my area- Neimans has not been giving me great customer service- remember the mix up with my red jumbo !!!!
    They would not even look for the PNY wallet when I asked and when I stopped through there after I got it at chanel- why didn’t you ask me we could have found it.. anyways..
    I will be dying to open the package come Monday or Tuesday and I will post picts of me carrying the bag..
    Steph if you are reading this post- THANKS YOU ARE GREAT !!!!:graucho::tup::wlae::roflmfao::supacool:

    sorry so long- I am at work and I need something to make the day go by faster.. so ready to go home..
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see your pictures!
  3. that's great to hear. congrats!
  4. I love reading these posts... Congratulations on finding your bag at such a great price! Makes it even sweeter, right? You would think this is how all SA's working on commission would be. It's really surprising so many are not though. My NM SA is wonderful too, I love her, she happily goes above and beyond for me and she is so much fun to work with.
  5. I know what you mean about the NM SA's at tysons. I was looking for a white flap (not patent) and they told me the same thing...all gone. They didn't even bother to check. I ended up getting it from another NM...Lisa at Troy, MI.
    Though lately, Marilyn has been very good. I only go to her now. I don't even bother with the others.
  6. Congrats on getting the bag, and finding a great SA!
  7. Congrats on finding your bag.

    It's great when you can find a terrific SA. My SA in NY is great too.
  8. Congrats Addison! I just had a great experience with Brendan, another great SA, and can definitely understand the wonderful feeling that you get after working with someone that is enthusiastic and reliable!!
  9. happy you managed to get the bag you wanted and finding a great SA in the process!!
  10. steph is great. I am also working with her in finding some bags.
  11. thanks all...
    You just got to get the right one.
    I too have worked with Joseph and Damian and they are great as well, had Saks had the BAG they would have been my first choice...
  12. Joseph at Saks NYC is wonderful. Lisa at NM Troy is equally wonderful. Charlie at NM Vegas is great as well.
  13. congrats!Lisa is wonderful:smile:
  14. She is great! She helped me out as well but then I decided to wait on another bag to arrive for Fall Act 1. Anyways, Thanks Steph!
  15. Steph is AWESOME!!!! I always call her when I need info. on accessories and now on bags! She is so patient and friendly, I am so happy to hear all this great praise for her hard work!!!!:tup::tup::tup::tup::tup: