My new favorite food!!

  1. I thought I would just share with you dieters out LOVE for the South Beach sesame chicken wraps...they are AMAZING!!! I have had one everyday for llunch for a week now...I could live on them!!! (for awhile) 220 cal...and YUMMY!! (4 points for ww):yahoo:
  2. sound delicous, I must admit.
    Is this a microwave meal by the way ?
  3. no...they are 2 little wheat wraps, a portion of cooked diced chicken, a sesame like dressing, and a little pack of wheat put it could warm it if you wanted...I have not yet...also a little thing of rasberry jello...its like a grown up lunchable. I put a few mandarin oranges in mine. I just love them! (can you tell!) lol
  4. If you like wraps you have to try the Gardenburger Black Bean Chipotle wraps...they are AMAZING! They're huge, filling and the nutritional stats are 250 cal, 8 g fat, 6 g fiber (5 WW points). My Costco here sells a big box of them, so that they are a very good buy too.
  5. Are they in the freezer section?
  6. lol..I've seen them. Now I'm going to have to try them.
  7. mmm... sounds yummy.
  8. The SBD wrap sunshine is referring to is NOT frozen. At my Wal Mart, it's w/ lunchable type meals, lunch meat, etc. HTH :yes:
  9. going to try these tommorow :smile: thanks for sharing!
  10. These sound yummy. I read this thread right before I went to bed last night and I dreamed about them:upsidedown: :lol: !
  11. I got some of these and just tried one. Sunshine is right; they're delicious!
  12. Cool!!! They sound really yummy!
  13. Yum!!! glad you like it!!!

    I am a huge fan of Edamame right now- just boil it and eat :yes:
  14. :confused1: ^ What is Edamame? I've never heard of it.....
  15. Yes they are very good and affordable!