My new favorite besides the City: the Velo!!!

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  1. I did a poll/thread a little while ago where I asked for help to choose another Bal style other than my favorite, the City. Thanks so much for your advices and help, really appreciated it! The Day came on first place and the Velo came on second. I like them both very much, but after I slept on it I figured the Velo style is more me and I like that it can be worn crossbody. Soooooo...

    ...I decided to go for an Outremer RH Velo!!

    I can't believe I actually found one that quickly since the Outremer seems to be one of the most popular 2010 colors and the Velo is a new style. But I found one and snatched it very quickly:graucho: YAY!!! So excited:yahoo: I thought it would be delivered today, but no mailman came knocking and I have to wait until tomorrow. Oh, I'm dying of coruiosity to see both the color and style IRL!! Will post pics as soon as I get this beauty, stay tuned...
  2. Congrats!!! I am loving the look of the Velo and would love to give it a try as well! Look forward to your thoughts and pictures!
  3. Am on the list for this bag, too. Can't wait to see yours, lucky girl!!! :balloon:
  4. oooh exciting! this should help you feel a bit better!!! hope you get her tomorrow. Would love to hear your thoughts on this style.
  5. Got me all excited for pics! Jees! You little minks you... ;)

    Will be back to drool later as I'm SO curious about this style too.
  6. congrats!!
  7. Ohhhh congrats PP ;) look forward for some gorgeous pics!!
  8. Can't wait to see pictures. It sounds like a nice style.
  9. Congrats!! I think you'll like the color so much. Can't wait for the pics. :drool:
  10. Oh boy wish I had one!
  11. congrats
  12. Thank you so much ladies!! I will can't wait to get her:happydance:
  13. Can't wait to see pics! Congrats!! :biggrin:
  14. YAY! Can't wait for pics!!
  15. Congrats. I love the Outremer color!