My New Favorite Bag!

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  1. New to me at least! I picked this up from e-bay just a few short days ago from a lovely seller who was willing to work with me! I have a TME Midi that I purchased pre-loved from another wonderful seller but it has silver hw and I always wondered about the choco matte with gold hw. When the Love Me Midi in choco matte w/ gold hw popped up I totally went with the impulse to try to buy it!

    The funniest thing of all is that this is the lowest price yet that I've paid for a BE (thank you again to the lovely and wonderful previous mommy!) and it has just a little water damage on the back which is honestly hard to see unless you're staring right at it but when it arrived today I knew this was destined to be my FAVORITE BE of the ones I own so far!

    It is stunning! The P-E-R-F-E-C-T color with the PERFECT hw! The style is so gorgeous! I just cannot believe it can get any better than this!! I highly recommend this bag, seriously! It is the total package IMHO! Even my dh commented on this one! Normally he's nice enough about my bags (except for that sweet mottled silver TMA but that's another story) but this one caught his eye. That's saying something! I seriously cannot wait for the rest of my bags to arrive from BE because if it's going to keep getting better than I am in for a sweet surprise as I pull each bag out of its dust bag for the first time! Here's a couple of pics. One is with just the LM Midi with flash and the other is with both bags w/o flash showing the difference between silver and gold hw against matte chocolate.


  2. Stunning, and I agree -even though I am not a gold hardware girl, the choco does ROCK with the gold hardware. The Love Me is a special bag, so detailed, and don't you love the straps! Anyway congrats (from a girl who also loves an ebay bargain):drinkup: and enjoy!!
  3. Wow, both are gorgeous!! I'm not usually a gold hw girl either but Choco looks amazing with gold HW!! Really brings out the warmth in the brown. Congrats!!
  4. Looks gorgeous! I pre-ordered that exact bag for spring and can't get wait to get mine! Your pictures of it are going to make it even more difficult for me to be patient. I saw that bag pop on Ebay right after I had placed my deposit. It wasn't on Ebay for too long though - LOL - now I know why!
  5. Yes! I love the straps!! Not only are they beautiful but I love how they fit on my shoulder! I no longer feel apprehensive about ordering a 2nd Love Me!

    That's what I love about the gold hw with this leather; it really warms it up! But I also still love my TME with silver hw! They're both so different and both such great bags!

    I never moved so fast in my life for an e-bay auction! I hate to ask sellers to do a BIN on their auctions but took a chance and asked! And she graciously agreed to a wonderful price! I didn't let it stay up long! :yahoo: You are going to love yours when it arrives! It is just gorgeous!
  6. Congrats!!! it's a beauty!
  7. Love it!!! It makes me gain a new respect for the Choco Matte!!!
  8. What a stunning bag! I am falling for the Matte leathers each time I see another bag made in one of them. I especially love the warm tones the gold hardware brings to the Choco leather too.
  9. It really does look incredible. And I am glad to hear that you still like the SH on your TME.
  10. Congrats TL! I love both of them.
  11. I ADORE your new bag!! It is so gorgeous, and love the gold hardware of the Love me midi. So glad you've found your perfect bag!!
  12. I have this exact bag TL, so believe me.......I can totally understand the love affair!!!!
  13. Those are both divine bags in their different ways. Choco Matte has now surpassed Dark Grey Matte and Plum Crash in my list of gorgeous BE leathers! I totally agree that gold sets off the rich brown leather very well. What a brilliant bargain - how kind of your seller to agree a BIN.
  14. That bag is gorgeous... I could even do GHW with this leather! Enjoy!
  15. Congrats with your purchase! it is indeed a wonderful leather and style!
    Just reading your joyful post makes me so happy for you!