My new Faridah hobo, what do yall think

  1. I traded my blue leather marc by mj bag for this faridah hobo. I fell in love when I saw the pic of sienna miller with hers. It goes with everyting especially denim. such a cute summer bag. I love it :love:
    new1.jpg new2.jpg new3.jpg
  2. Yay! Excellent tradeoff with summer approaching, and it looks just great! :cool: Enjoy...
  3. thanks sick4marc:flowers: I love this one much better then the other one
  4. Very cute bag! Congrats! =)
  5. :cool: Very cool! Sometimes exchanging a bag for one you realize you REALLY REALLY like can be even more thrilling than the original purchase. Plus, it almost kind of tricks the brain into feeling like you bought two bags...instead of just one. No doubt the blue leather one will wind up with someone who loves it too. At times I feel a bit sad for the bags that I take back :cry:. At least you have a few photos to remember 'er by. Have fun this summer with your new friend.:rolleyes:
  6. KylieReese, I love it! Congrats on a great bag!
  7. where'd you find it? i've been looking for it for awhile.
  8. i think it's really cute...i like it.
  9. Yes I love it!! I think its the stripes that make it so appealing for me. I :heart: stripes and Zebras!! And your white strappy shoes are adorable (and nice pedicure too) :flowers:
  10. the marc by marc jacobs store on melrose in California. there number is 323 653 0100. There is one on hold for my friend until the end of the day. But if she doesn't want it, then you can get it tommorrow. I think it's the last one they have
  11. I really like the stripes! Congratulations, kylieReese!!
  12. i saw one at the bloomies in century city a week or 2 ago. not sure if anyone picked it up yet.

    congrats on the new bag! it's so cute!
  13. Cute bag!
    but, I really really love your gucci pelham bag -the one u wore to the norcal meetup pics- I contacted gucci about it and they said its on back order for 6-8 weeks in the white braided trim -like yours-
    ughh, i cant wait 6-8 weeks. where did you find it?
  14. Beautiful bag!
  15. She had to wait for 2 months from Gucci.:yes: